On to other markets

Now I have moved home to the north (Finland) and started a completely different business. I sell sex toys, or seksilelut, as you say in finnish. I already have a new website for selling these seksilelut. Visit it if you are finnish and want to buy some seksilelut.

If you prefer online casino, I recommend online roulette instead.

Circlebet - try my new poker project

Get the best odds at Circlebet

The far most important factor when picking a site to wager at is finding the website that gives you the best odds. We have studied several web bookies and found that Circlebet can offer best odds for most of the time. In our study, we checked the most popular events in soccer, tennis, basketball and icehockey. Circlebet has a very high 94.8% payback rate that makes it possible for them to offer better odds, among the best odds on the market. No web bookie that we compared could compete with their odds. That’s why we have picked Circlebet as the premiere betting site for us.

Even More Domain Problems

As if there was not enough problems already, the webhost of this site is terminating all their accounts. I had to get a new host and if you are reading this, you are already routed to the new server. Problem solved. Now let’s forget this and play poker instead!

Domain Trouble

My new project, the poker forum formerly know as PokerStars Forums dot com - is no more. The affiliate account was not approved and PokerStars asked us to transfer the domain name to them. Sigh. We got a new domain name and it is alread setup at www.worldpokerforums.com, but the affiliate account is yet to be activated and we got no answer back from them. Time will tell how this gets solved.

Poker Forum

Another site that I have promised to promote is this poker forum, and I do so proudly because it’s the prettiest poker forum out there. I wish them bliss and success.